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LaMissTenn District Convention

April 5-7, 2024
Natchez, Mississippi


  • Date: April 5-7, 2024

  • Location: Natchez Convention Center

  • Registration Cost: ***$130/person***

  • Registration & Payment Deadline: March 1, 2024

  • DCON Theme: Service Out of This World


See the Registration Packet for full details.


Registration Form


Running for District Office Packet


Running for District Office Form


Contests & Awards to be completed by Individuals Form


Contests & Awards to be completed by Club Officers, Members, or Advisors Form


In order to attend and/or participate in any District Convention (DCON) contest, 2023-24 dues must be paid. 

Competitions and Awards:

To be considered for awards and/or to participate in all contests, the forms must be filled out and submitted by deadline.  See Registration booklet for more information about due dates.  

2024 DCON Registration Packet

To Be Filled Out by Participating Individual(s):

To Be Filled Out by Club Officers/Members/Advisors:

District Officer Service Agreements

DCON 2024 Flier.jpg
What is DCON?

DCON is a district event where hundreds of Key Club members from across our district come together to enjoy fun, competition, forums, elections, and so much more! Attendees can expect to learn more about their role in Key Club, hear keynote speaker, and make everlasting friendships. Your club can even take part in competitions!

Who should attend?

Every Key Clubber is highly encouraged to attend!

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